1. # 1 devise used is to tell the seller what they want to hear , which is that their house is worth more then it really is. 2. They include a higher # to incoporate their high commissions. 3. When the house is not selling , they tell you the market is rejecting the price and prices have gone down.

Real world. Never accept verbal pricing. 1. Get comps last 12 months from 3 Agents in writing. 2. Spend money for a mini appraisal to get objective price range. 3. Understand what sells houses: location, condition of the house and getting it in the local Mls local agent & company sites, and largest U.S. real estate sites. And of course price. The first 2 can't change no matter who lists it. The price can be drastically reduced with a flat fee By owner Broker who can save you 3-6% and get you the same exposure and also get your phone # on sign in front of your house. Don't get into a listing that you can't get out of or have to pay to get out of. A flat fee broker is the best way to get the most exposure and save you the most money for the same services that sells the most houses.

If you aren't satisfied you can withdraw anytime and get your fee back in most instances with a referral after closing. On a $200,000 house savings can be $6,000-$12,000. That is significant to pay for closing costs, accepting a lower offer, repairs from inspection requests and  to use for your next purchase.