Selling a home is not as easy as many think it is. It gets more complex when there are multiple owners in an estate sale. One issue is whether the beneficiaries are all equal, or does one have the trustee, power of Attorney designation. This question addresses 1 has the power vs. the 3 siblings as an example to determine selling price and other decision making. All this needs to be very clear prior to listing. Only 1 person can drive the Bus in this instance. It is an easier way to sell when 1 person is the decision maker . If that is not the case it is not always easy to deal with 3 siblings often not living in the same city as the property with different ideas about what they want to sell the property for and the logistics of signing paperwork. Dealing with disclosures can get tricky. Some people think if they haven't lived in the house for years, or at all , that no property disclosure is necessary. That is not true, If the seller has knowledge of defects they must be disclosed and the seller is responsible for a property disclosure being reviewed and signed prior to entering into a contract. Saving money without proper representation can be costly in time and money. Consult your Attorney and get an experience Agent or Broker to represent you. A full service Broker with flat fee By owner optios can save you thousands in commissions and also save you mistakes that can be costly.