Who knew? 1. Zillow is the largest website in the world for Real Estate . 2. They were major innovators in a # of areas and took over #1 position from Realtor .com. 3. They offer For Sale By Owners free listing which the whole world can see. 4. But, they have 3 Agents who pay for leads near the photo of the listing and the Agents take turns taking inquiries about your house that may not go to you. Sometimes free, has a catch. What you can do about it.? Make sure you have your phone # where it says owner and some people may scroll down and see it and call. By the way Zillow bought Trulia last year and so now they are partners. As Paul Harvey used to say, Now you know the rest of the story. For a free chance to get a buyer it is a great option. But, many times the Agent is benefitting the most out of getting prospects for your house or others. Agents also try to solicit By owner ads on Zillow. So be prepared for lots of calls from Agents wanting your business and possibly saying they have a buyer in the wings wanting your house. Not necessarily the truth !